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Monday, August 26, 2013

Autumn Mini Sessions!

It’s that time of year, where the trees turn beautiful colors, the pumpkins and mums are out on the porch and the air is crisp and the perfect temperature. What a better way to celebrate Autumn than with Mini Sessions! Fall is the most popular season for portraits and I always book up fast, so I thought I would offer affordable and quick sessions to hopefully get everyone in!  Mini sessions are the perfect time to get that perfect shot for the family Christmas cards!

The dates will be September 28th and 29th.

September 28th
10:00am - Graviett Family
11:00am - Null Family
12:00 - 1:00 LUNCH
1:30pm - Mills Family
2:00pm - Cannon Family

September 29th
1:00pm - Ingrassia Family
(Please notice the different start times)

You will be emailed the location and instructions when you book your time slot!
*$75 per time slot
*20 minute session
*10-12 digital images with print release
*Up to 5 people
*Pets are welcome
*Deposit is required to hold your time slot (non-refundable)
*Remaining balance do at session (non-refundable)
*20% off prints and products purchased through Abigail Gorski Photography

Email or call 636-358-1523 to save your time slot now!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Mother's Day Mini Sessions

Hey there everyone!

Recently, I have been trying new things with my business. I like to keep my customers happy and keep my sessions as unique as possible. So I did some research and found out that a lot of photographers are doing "mini sessions" for the different seasons and holidays. My first ever set of mini sessions were this year in March. My Easter Mini Sessions were a huge success with a fabulous turnout! So I will be hosting another round of mini's during the month of May for one of the greatest holidays ever...

Mother's Day! 

Being a mother myself, there is no greater gift than a picture of my children with smiling faces! Most mothers are the ones that take the photos of everyone else. So I thought it would be a great idea to get Mom in front of the camera for a gift for Mother's Day!

Invite Mom, Grandma, Great-grandma, Godmother or any other special woman in your life for a super special photo shoot! I have gift cards available so that Mom has a gift to open on Mother's Day too!

Here are the details...

Mother's Day Mini Sessions 2013

- Saturday May 25th and Sunday May 26th
- $75.00 per slot
- Each slot is 45 minutes
- 10-15 images
- CD with copyright release
- online gallery
*a deposit is required to hold your scheduled slot

Contact me any way you wish to book your slot! I just know Mom will love this as a gift!
(636) 358-1523

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valenties Day Special!

Buying gifts for your valentine can be tricky! Sure, who doesn't love a box of chocolates and a dozen roses? But at the end of the week, those chocolates are all gone and the roses are starting to die...

Make this Valentines Day one to remember with family photos!!

I am offering this special only until Valentines Day, so hurry and send me an e-mail or give me a call to purchase this awesome deal!

Friday, February 3, 2012

The one and only, Ms. Jennifer Kay!

For those of you who don't know this lovely girl, this is my sister Jennifer Kay. Everyone calls her Jenny, but I call her Jen. I know that she has made it public before that she doesn't like being call Jen, but I honestly think she doesn't mind me calling her that!

Jen is something else.

She is the kind of person that will tell you how it is, in whatever tone she feels is necessary. She is very smart, caring, hilarious, and outgoing. Her radio is always super loud, she is IN LOVE with Justin Bieber, hot pink cheetah print is her favorite color, and loves to eat just butter bread. Yes, you heard me, just butter bread. She is a senior in high school this year and will be going to Mizzou for her first year of college! Holy crap, Jen's going to college! Gulp...

I love Jen with all my heart. She is #3 out of us 4 girls and makes it known that we mistreated her as kids. She "claims" that we told her she was adopted because she looked nothing like us, but I find that hard to believe...

Adopted or not Jen, you are simply beautiful in every way! Here are some of her Senior pictures I took this year and I am sure I will take more!

 This shot is totally Jen.

 Love, love, love this one!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Feburary 2012!

Hello everyone, and Happy February!

This year alone is going to be INSANE for my family and I! All 3 of my younger sisters are graduating (grade school, high school, and college!), Leah turns 1, Destin, FL vacation in July, 8 weddings booked so far this year, Dan turns 30, and I am working on creating and improving my business every day!

On the first day of each month, I would like to blog about my goals for the month while also posting my favorite photo of the previous month. One of my favorite photographers to follow, Katelyn James, is doing the exact thing. I enjoy reading her blog/posts about these subjects, so I thought why can't I write about that?

List writing is a trait that I received from my mother. She ALWAYS has a list! Writing down my goals really seems to help boost my energy level on getting them crossed off my list! Oh man, that's a great feeling isn't it? Crossing off an item on my grocery list feels great, but crossing off one of my goals that I have been working on for weeks/months feels FANTASTIC!

Life/Family Goals
-Dan finally has electric in our new shed! He has a lot of tools and things in our house that need to go out to his new workshop. When they are all in their place, my house will be so less crowded, I probably won't know what to do with all the room!
-Leah is super duper close to walking. We want to spend more time practicing with her during the evening when we are both home!
-I love to cook, but it is very very hard to cook for an eleven month old and the pickiest man on the face of the earth. We eat out a lot, and we would like to break that habit.
-I would LOVE to find some bedding for a good price so we can re-decorate our bedroom! Dan would also like to paint our cabinets this month. I will share my ideas on both rooms in another post.

Business Goals
-Design/Create/Print my new handouts. I have the ideas in my head, I just need to get them printed on paper in order for them to be in use.
-Finish my office. I would like to get the products, albums, and prints ordered and displayed in my office so that my clients have more to Oh and Ah at when they book a session with me!
-Finish my care packages!! I would like to include some fun, yet useful items to my clients after their last consultation with me. Just a little something to remember me by!
-Design and Order t-shirts!!! This is my number one goal actually. I can't wait to get these finished and in my door. I mean, who doesn't love t-shirts??

Personal Goals
-Workout more! Or should I just say, workout!
-Keep my nails painted. I see all these super cute and easy nail polish ideas on Pinterest that I would love to try!
-Spring clean my home!

Hope everyone's February is Fantastic!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Beautiful Bash Family!

A couple weeks ago, Allison had sent me a text message asking if I would like to take Nolan's 18 month pictures. I got SO excited when she asked, because even though he is a workout, Nolan is one of my favorite kiddos to photograph!

I sat on a bench on Main Street in Old Town St. Charles waiting for them to arrive and I was thinking, oh crap. It was wet, cold, and a little breezy. Kids usually don't behave very well when it's cold out. But Nolan was a trooper! He didn't mind that we kept putting on and taking off his coat about a million times, or that his cheeks were starting to turn rosy. Nolan is quite the little booger, much like most of my children who I photograph, but when I nail the shot that I work on for several minutes, I get so happy! He is such a rewarding chore! Ha! 

So without further ado, here is Nolan! Along with his Handsome daddy Stephan and his gorgeous mommy Allison!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Louis James Bauer has arrived!

Meet Louis. Precious, handsome, sweet Louis!

My husband Dan has been best friend with Louis' daddy Levi, since second grade. Amanda, Louis' mommy, has become a great friend of mine recently! I am so happy that God has blessed this amazing couple with such a beautiful, healthy baby boy!

Ugh, don't you just want to scoop him up and cuddle him all day? When I was taking his pictures, this little guy would NOT fall asleep. Amanda kept apologizing, but I didn't mind one bit! I am such a sucker for little ones with lots of hair and long toes!

So here he is! Enjoy!

 This photo is my favorite of the 5 or 6 that I got him to sleep in.

 I LOVE his wrinkly skin! It was so so soft!

 Daddy's little hunting buddy!